About Coye Knives

The back story: I started working in the restaurant business when I was 13 years old. Years later I was fortunate enough to work under some chefs that noticed my interest in cooking and showed me "the way". At 21 I was running my own kitchen in a small restautrant in downtown Syracuse, New York. From Cape Cod to Anitgua I worked as cook/mate on motor yachts and sailboats and lived on St. John, USVI for 3.5 years. Working on or around salt water, all of our knives were stainless - and the stainless of the '80's was terrible. Good luck getting a edge on your knife. Bottom line? I worked with a knife in my hand for over 15 years. When I started making knives in 2009, the goal was to use stainless and to find a heat treat "recipe" that would allow the end user to put a working edge back on their knife without special equipment.

I then spent seventeen years as a street medic and an RN/Paramedic. Ten of those years I worked out of the back of a BK-117 helicopter for an emergency air ambulance service.

Many of my parts are waterjet cut. What does that mean?. Once I've worked with a prototype and have the design where I want it my line drawings are converted to CAD and a water jet machine cuts out parts. Conversly, I cut many knife parts by hand on the band saw. The vast majority of the heat treat, cryogenic treatment and tempering is done in my shop by me. All blades are hand ground without the aid of a grinding jig by me. On a fixed blade all handle materials are laminated, cut, drilled, countersunk, shaped by me. All knives are finished by me. All knives are sharpened by hand at the grinder by me. As the handle scale texturing on each fixed blade is unique, a kydex sheath has to be custom made for every knife. You guessed it: by me. 

This is a one-man knife shop. 

I go out of my way to support the economy by sourcing materials made here in the United States. 

"When something went south with a critically ill or injured patient in the emergency setting, whatever piece of equipment I grabbed had to work right the first time.

That experience is what drives my knife making.

I've used crappy gear in the field. I have no interest in making crappy gear.

You've got to be able to trust the tools you work with. Period".


Why purchase a custom knife?

It's a fair question. Custom knives aren't right for everyone, but they might be right for you.