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Picture of ForeRunner



3.25" blade / 6.5" OAL / "Three-finger" handle / 3/16" 154CM stainless at RC 59-60. "Sp...

Picture of Little Whiskey


Little Whiskey

3.5" S35VN machine satin blade, >real< super conductor bolster, Westinghouse Ivorite scale...

Picture of Flechette



OAL: 8.5", N690 3.5" blade,CF pocket clip, floating zirc back spacer, bright hardware. ...

Picture of Whiskey II


Whiskey II

This big flipper carries well as it is very narrow and rides low in the pocket.

Picture of Model 105 XL


Model 105 XL

The big brother of the Model 105, this large fighter can be found overseas mounted on a pl...

Picture of Model 105


Model 105

This fighter was designed for military use and has been deployed since 2011.

Picture of Oscar Mike


Oscar Mike

The mid-sized Oscar Mike makes for a great skinner in the field or all-around utility knif...