Why Custom?

Why purchase a custom knife?

Between cooking for a living, hunting and fishing I’ve had a knife in my hand since the age of 12. At that time my grandfather gave me a two-bladed pocket knife and the rest is history.

I've got a box full of production knives that I was never able to get an edge back on. Even with 10+ years experience sharpening knives in the kitchen that still didn't help. The steel is typically too hard and can be very frustrating to try to sharpen. Many guys will avoid the hassle and throw a production knife away just to buy a new one once it’s dull.

When I started in 2009, several of my knives were seriously abused to learn more about the heat treating process and ultimately, performance. Adjustments were made as needed and I continue to learn more as I grow.

You don't just buy the knife, you “buy’ the maker. 

  • Are they willing to stand behind their product 100%? 
  • Will they take care of any warranty issues right away? 
  • What is the drive behind their knife making passion? 
  • Does it appear that they know what they're talking about?

Why are custom knives more expensive than production knives?

A big part of the premium you pay for with a custom knife is time: the knife maker’s time to make a product by hand, versus a production knife that is not made by hand. Even with some parts waterjet cut, all blades are hand ground and hand finished. “Hand-made in America” are words we don’t see very often in the marketplace anymore. Coye knives are made with pride one at a time here in my shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma: hand-made in America.